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Branding & Logo Design

Choosing the right colour can improve brand recognition by 80%. Keep reading:

Making a few small and smart decisions today about your brand and logo, can multiple your results in the years that follow.

Branding and logo design is not just about colours. When designing a logo and building a brand for our clients we consider their target customer, their competitors, the price point and a handful of other factors to get it right the first time.

Every month, we have a new business reaching out to us to fix a logo they had “completed” just 1 – 2 months earlier. Before you invest in the new website, the stickers, stationary or signage for your business, invest in your logo first to get it right.

We will help to deliver what you’re looking to achieve and also what your clients will respond to, based on demographic and competitor analysis.

Social Media Marketing

Most people you know are on social media, likely 99 out of every 100 people you know who are worth targeting for your business are on social media!

A lot has changed with social media marketing over the years, especially in recent years and it will continue to change and evolve. We have dedicated social media marketing specialists who live and breath this for themselves, for our clients and for you.

It pays to be ahead of the curve. Whether you’re looking at a 5km radius around your business or wanting to market to both Australia and New Zealand, social media is a powerful tool. We will build a campaign to reach potential customers and through sequential advertising move them through to your website to make an enquiry or a purchase – whichever the goal is for your individual business.

Social media gives you the opportunity to reach customers who are:

A) Ready to buy right now.

B) Ready to buy soon.

C) Will be ready to buy later.

We develop a thorough strategy to capture the “now” clients and keep the “later” clients warm. Whilst simultaneously keeping your businesses name top of mind while they move from “later” to “now”. These customers are also targeted to leave testimonials to increase the social proof of your business online.

Whether you have boosted a post in the past and got very little results or if you’ve never activated social media for your business, we can set up and manage this for your business to get in front of your clients at each stage of the buying process. 

Google Ads

If you’re in a “NOW” type of business Google Ads is the place to be listed.

When a client is looking for a solution, Google Ads is a great place to grab their attention, make them a compelling offer and having them click on your Ad to either call you right then or fill out a form on your website.

The beauty of Google Ads is that if a client does not click on your Ad, you don’t have to pay Google.

We make sure your Ads only appear for keywords and keyphrases that having “buying intent”. No business wants to spend money on tire kickers. Our keyword research and set up prior to going live ensures we aim for the right customers to give you the right return quickly.

Overtime we continue to introduce more profitable keywords and analyse results maintaining what works for your industry and excluding what doesn’t.

We manage this for you from A-Z. You only need to process the clients as they come.


Owning your niche or corner of your industry means owning that same space in Google.

Paid Google Ads will put you in the top four positions in the search results, however, it’s reported that 94% of people skip over the paid Ads in search results by default.

Having your business at the top of Google and Bing search results tells your future clients that you are the authority in town. Getting to the top is achieved by a practice called SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). It includes technical aspects, a complex strategy and workforce hours which when ALL combined make your website’s online presence grow and compound on itself.

It’s well known that serious customers looking to buy now, search online. You should want your website to be in front of that never ending flood of traffic searching online all day, every day.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the only channels that has stood the test of time since 1999.

Businesses are still made and collapse from their use of or lack of their email database. If you have an existing email database or have not streamlined this function of your business yet, we can get this set up and running in your business the right way, using best practices.

We’ll maximise the growth of your email database meaning you have more people to read and respond to your emails – generating you more business. For ecommerce stores; when a potential customer fills in their details during checkout but then abandons your cart and doesn’t buy… a smart automated email can be sent to that same customer inviting them to come back. This is one of the ways email marketing remains critical for businesses online.

Your email marketing content strategy will also be taken care of, so you can run the business and know the emails will continue to be sent to drive move customers to wherever your want them. When you:

A) Have a new product to launch.
B) Are running a promotion.
C) Need to share an important update.

Our team can execute all that and more for you.

Most businesses simply don’t find time in the week to utilise this asset of their business. Working with us means you won’t need to worry about fitting it in, you will simply benefit from the results. 

Content Creation

Are you too busy running your business to update your social media accounts, blog and email broadcasts every week?

It does pay to stay in touch with your past and future clients.

  • Stop them from straying to a competitor.
  • Stay top of mind for referrals.
  • Encourage repurchases and upgrades.

Finding the time outside of servicing the clients you have on right now is usually not possible for most. Our team run content machines for several clients. Including video creation, social media posts, stories, blogs for the websites, email blasts and more.

Our clients often say they are delighted every time they see a new post go live or email hit their inbox knowing that they lost no time trying to get it done and that it will bring in their next clients on autopilot.

If creating content is a pain point, schedule a free consultation with us so we can discuss what you need as a minimum to keep the basics updated each week. 

Influencer Marketing

We have the most advanced technology available today. Using Artificial Intelligence we deliver influencer marketing campaigns that are unlike others.

Hiring an influencer with 500k followers will not give you the return you expect if 85% of their followers are from outside of your target country.

Hiring an influencer with 50k followers also won’t turn out well if 70% of their followers are “bots” (fake accounts). Among the bad there are countless influencers across social media who have proven to promote products for a profitable return.

Our artificial intelligence analyses the influencers account to separate fact from fiction. We also go one level deeper and complete the same analysis on their followers and the accounts interacting with their posts. This gives us a clear view of which influencers have a genuine following, WHO their following is and IF they will be a good fit for your product or service.

After ticking all the right boxes, we will organise heavily vetted influencers to promote your product or service.

We can provide these in locally, nationally and internationally. Wherever your target market is, we will find high quality, impactful influencers to promote your product or service to their faithful (and real) audience.

We separate fact from fiction with influencer marketing and deliver results like no one else. 

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