Domain Name

We offer complete support for domain name selection, registration and set up. Dealing with domain registrars, DNS settings and name servers is not everyones cup of tea….we get that.

Our clients are offered this service so that they can know it’s been done the right way. There won’t be any delays and they continue to focus on what’s most important; running their business! This includes helping you from start to finish.

START: Securing your .com, .au,, .net extra, to secure your businesses name online. And through to:

FINISH: Secure connection and going live.

This service is usually bundled in with website design and development jobs however you are welcome to reach out to us if you have a question about domain name registration and need some assistance. 

Work Email

When we design and develop a clients website we include the creation and set up of work email addresses to ensure they are ready to promote and display a professional image from day 1 after working with us.

Our team will complete the general office email inboxes for admin@ / office@ / info@ or whichever address you wish to use. We will also set up the owners and any staff personal email inboxes at this stage of the website build.

All email accounts and password will be handed over to you, ready to go. 

Logo Design

Your company’s logo is going to be the first thing your prospective clients see! An outdated logo will tell them that maybe you do things the old way.

A new logo that is over-designed or was not done by a professional will tell them you may not be inline with current trends.

Depending on your business type, one or both of these might be damaging. You don’t need to spend a corporate budget on your logo but it is worth getting it right the first time. The right logo should be an investment in your businesses and brand that will be ageless for up to 10 years.

You will be provided with:

  •  All image file types: .jpeg, .png, .pdf , etc. (So you can immediately get business cards printed, stationary made, stickers for vehicles, etc.
  • Colour codes and the font set. (To ensure your colours and branding match across all board).

For new logos and refreshes of old logos please contact us. When it comes to building your website, we ensure your websites branding will match your logo perfectly.

Content Creation

Through working with clients in the early days of our own business we quickly learned that one of the obstacles for people building a new website is “who is going to write all the words that are needed for the pages?”

We offer this content creation to all of our clients. First we complete research and analysis on other businesses in your industry and similar industries targeting the same demographic/s to including wording on your website that speaks directly to your customers.

Having the right words on your website will turn more visitors into enquiries / purchases / request for quotes. Content should get attention, motivate and educate the viewers so they KNOW you’re the right business to work with.

It is optional. Some clients wish to provide the main pieces of content or the main points for our team to the wordsmith and create complete paragraphs for the different pages. Our team will ensure the content on your website speaks to your target audience and is inline with your brand. 

Web Hosting

Every website needs a certain type of web host account. If we are building your website on Wix, Squarespace, Shopify or another service similar to that, you will not need an additional web host account.

In all other situations you will likely need a web host account to “prop up” your website and keep it online. We take care of all this for you. If you have an existing web host service we can build your new website on that. Otherwise we can provide you with a first class web host as part of our service to you.

During our discussion with, we can inform you what type of web host account is needed and what the associated fees are.

As always, we aim for you to have a seamless experience where we take care of all the technical requirements while you continue to run your business and receive from us what you asked for at the agreed time.

Website Support

After a website gets built and launched live on the web, our ongoing support starts. First we offer all our clients a complimentary 30 minute training session that shows how you can small edits to words, prices, contact numbers, etc (if ever needed).

If you have chosen to host your website with us, we will be looking after the website and updating software and code to keep your website updated and maintained with the forever changing nature of the web.

Think about every time Apple launches a new iPhone, or all the different laptops that on sale today and that will be in two years from now, we need to make sure your website loads quick and is looking good on all these devices.

Things change in the online world and we maintain our clients website so they stay up to date, secure and remain online 24/7 selling your business to your new clients. 


For businesses looking to start selling their good online there are few other components that are more difficult to set up than a payment gateway.

We build ecommerce websites that are very user friendly for customers and importantly very easy for the owner to maintain. Updating products prices, sales, adding/removing products and more is all made easy with a few clicks. Training is also offered for this by our team.

Our team is completely versed in all major ecommerce platforms and major payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, Square, Braintree, and others. When your customers can find products easily, read the details, add to cart and checkout easily this leads to a higher conversion rate = more sales. We ensure this for all out clients.

If you’re wanting to receive payments online for a product or a service, we can include this feature on your website. If you already have a website and want to add a ecommerce store onto it, or if you just want to start selling one product or service contact us today so we can have a look at your set up and advise the best approach to take. 

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